MillMakers flies along with Colibri

Engagement 24 October 2018 0 commentaires

Once upon a time, according to a native American legend, a big fire raged through the forest. Terrified and helpless, all animals watched the scene of disaster unfold. A hummingbird was the only being to act up, fetching a few drops with its beak, then throwing them on the fire. An armadillo, annoyed by what he felt was just derisory action, said: “Hummingbird, are you crazy?” It’s not with those little drops of water that you will extinguish this fire!” And the hummingbird replied: “I know that, but I’m only doing my share.”

Re-enchanting our world, infusing emotion into everyday life and disseminating beautiful stories like this… Would that not be the best way to stimulate our imagination while inventing new models of living, that are more respectful of nature and of all beings?

This beautiful conviction, that comes from a hummingbird named Cyril Dion, resonates with us, and accompanies us in the very first steps of the adventure called MillMakers. It was by turning the last page of his ‘Little Handbook of Contemporary Resistance” that supporting the Colibri Movement seemed to make even more sense to us than it already did.

Dedicating 5% of our sales to the ecologically and socially responsible movement created by Pierre Rabhi is not the only way we will contribute, as through MillMakers we wish to bring you the stories of the women and men who use their hands to create the best possible roads leading to tomorrow.

Sensitive to the ‘Call of the Hummingbird’ to build better ways of life – more respectful of nature and of human beings – we very naturally want to be part of the great challenge of creating new societal blueprints. We are an integral part of our living ecosystem; it goes without saying that we must collaborate to protect the environment and its living beings.

Allowing the Colibri Movement and its powerful initiatives to continue in total independence, providing them with the necessary means of action, that, on its own, is a good first step towards a more altruistic way of living. Emotion, sensibility and creativity are the weapons of choice in the cultural battle for a brighter future, that will be won by the philosophy and hands of artisans. “The future lies in the genius of simplicity, the power of creativity and the elegance of sobriety”.

At MillMakers, we recognize our ideals so well in the enchanting song of the Hummingbird… By offering essential objects made with ethical conscience and for the sake of durability, according to true know-how and the principle of qualility, we have found a healthy and simple way to contribute to the development of our society, which is in search of meaning and proper balance.

Craftsmanship represents tremendous creative and transformative power, and it allows us to return to a sober and happy way of living. The perfect response to the impossibility of infinite growth. Flying along with the other Colibris, MillMakers participates in the process of inventing and experimenting, supporting and sharing new solutions for tomorrow, showcasing and proposing objects made by craftswomen and men who express empathy towards their territory and fellow beings.