Slow Summer

Other 27 July 2018 0 commentaires

The intoxicating call of summer has arrived, whispering its riff to our ears from the very first sunny days, beckoning us out of bed during these recent mornings, the senses fully awake, with an ever more ardent appetite for a desire that has driven us since months. It’s her sweet little tune, singing that she really is the season of all possibles, that has persuaded us. The perfect moment is there, we are ripe for the summer: today, let’s turn the first page of our blog! You quite probably will welcome these first sentences barefoot in the grass. Barefoot on the stones, barefoot on wood…

During these sacred days of summer, it’s so liberating to reconnect with the earthy, the mineral, the vegetal; to experience it through all pores.

For this very reason, the last sentence of this first post is a passionate call to disconnect from the blank screen of your sleepless nights.

It’s time to wake up early, to activate your nostrils next to the back door of the little bakery shop, at the precise moment the freshly baked bread comes out of the oven. Time to go and enjoy the vegetable garden and the freshness of the early morning, before the heat crushes the day.

Escaping for the holidays, treading unknown lands, can also mean just going to the neighboring village, simply understanding that happiness can be found blooming just next door, in an adjoining garden.

Setting out is also staying, making one’s garden one’s refuge. Realizing one got used to the raw texture of the little wooden bench on which one sits, so full of character. Or, the minimalist shape of the water pitcher on the table, that quenches the thirst of the flowers brought back from the market …

Opening one’s senses to the simple beauty of a wooden spoon made to scoop out a cast iron pan, reminding oneself that just a stone’s throw from the holiday home, it’s surely easy to thank the artisan, who in his workshop by a touch of his fingers, created the most beautiful moments of your summers. Come on, pick up your sandals if you will, we’re embarking together upon their discovery!