Millmakers brings together a confidential collection of simple things for the home. Foraged timeless essentials for everyday life, both aesthetic and useful, that are made and thought out in the right way.

Reading, writing, cooking are verbs that Millmakers cherishes in the process of valuing a mindful savoir-vivre. One turned towards the natural and the authentic. An Art of Living where objects and their essence are inseparable from emotion and experience. Enamel cups, hand-woven napkins, stoneware bowls, precious stationary, are selected with awareness and conviction by our curators. Not to make everyday more aesthetic, but to elevate it through meaning.

The work ethic of artisans, one advocating responsible manufacturing, profound responsibility and common sense: these are values that Millmakers defend. Only by perpetuating know-how, transmitting traditions, sharing rituals and customs, can we ensure the permanence of things of value.

Artisans have the talent to inscribe the simple beauty of the true things in time. Millmakers pays tribute to these men and women, who value their cultures and their knowledge, and express poetry and profound understanding through their effort. These artisan citizens of the world invest their hands and soul in the sustainable development of the resources offered by our Earth and its history, inviting consumers to rethink their actions. In times that cry modernity, speed and instant pleasure, Millmakers praise slowness and laziness, and wants to put emotion back at the center of our daily focus.

Because the creators of Millmakers believe that "choosing means giving up" will create a better future, they offer the visitors of their online boutique the opportunity to buy less but better. And it is this message "Less is more" that has inspired their support for the citizen movement Colibris whom they dedicate 5% of their sales.