Manufacture de Digoin 1875

Since 1875, La Manufacture de Digoin has perfected its expertise in manufacturing everyday stoneware pieces, exclusively for storing, preparing, cooking and fermenting. Originally a small-scale family business, the workshop was founded along the Burgundy ‘Canal Central’. By 1900, the region of Digoin and Paray-le-Monial - known as the ‘Ceramic Valley’ - was home to about forty factories, each with a specific expertise.

The objects available on are crafted in La Manufacture’s Burgundy workshops by artisans who have true savoir faire and a love of their craft. All the pieces are unique and shaped and glazed by hand with meticulous care, from the design of the models and moulds in plaster, to their shaping and finishing.

The stoneware base, which is prepared entirely inside La Manufacture’s workshops, comes from natural mineral materials originating in France. Long considered nobler than fired earth, stoneware becomes highly resistant thanks to the high 1250°C temperature at which the pieces are fired. Unique non-porous and durable qualities explain an exceptional ability to store foods and liquids such as milk, butter, cream, cured meats, condiments, oil, vinegar and brandy, as well as to maintain temperature, whether hot or cold.

La Manufacture de Digoin culinary objects symbolise an eclectic, curious, elegant and simple lifestyle. The debut collection MD1875 translates traditional French culinary heritage and age-old expertise into today’s way of life. It is structured around useful everyday objects which are a pleasure to use, to look at and to pass on.